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Graduating students from the Royal College of Art’s Critical Writing in Art and Design MA programme (2012) present their first collaborative publication — a collection of essays that work to deconstruct the idea of uselessness within a diverse range of ideas, projects, interviews and stories. These works, which provide a multitude of perspectives on the theme, form an object that spans topics across art, product design, architecture, literature, radio, information technology and more.

Freire Barnes | Anna Bates | Jigna Chauhan | Nicola Churchward | John Dummett | Jeanette Farrell | Natalie Ferris | Clo’e Floirat | Elizabeth Glickfield | Charmian Griffin | Christina Manning-Lebek | Peter Maxwell | Dora Mentzel | David Morris | Jonathan P. Watts

“Its playful clevernesss sets a high standard of editorial polish and production for future publications from Critical Writing.”
Rick Poynor, Design Observer, June 2012

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