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Ends Meet: Essays on Exchange


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Ends Meet presents a collection of texts that respond to the theme of ‘exchange’ from a range of cultural, philosophical and political angles.

Taking the prefix 'ex' as a starting point, Giulia Damiani explores diverse materialisations of exchange, from ex-voto paintings in Mexico, to an X-shaped house on a Spanish hilltop; Elizabeth Riggan questions the value of Detroit's public art collection – should it be used as collateral to bail out a bankrupt city?; and Liza Premiyak exorcises the ghosts of two monumental and now redundant telephone exchanges, Mondial House in London, and Long Lines in New York.

The book’s design, which includes a heat-sensitive cover, resembles a warped financial document and hints at the various transactions (economic, legal, creative, and emotional) involved in its production, distribution and ownership.

The 18 essays in the book are accompanied by a series of guest voices: Neil Cummings, Susanne Kuechler, Ann Pettifor, Katrina Palmer and Nina Power.

Designed by Jonas Berthod and Andrew Brash.

ISBN: 978-1-907342-88-2, 231 pages, featuring 8 colour and 22 b&w illustrations.