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Arc 16

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Arc 16
The death issue
Summer 2012

Section-bound. 140 x 210mm. 80pp. 1-colour. Litho printed. Mixed stock. 1000 copies.

Editor: Charmian Griffin
Assistant Editors: Natalie Ferris, Elizabeth Glickfeld, Sarah Jury & Jamie Sutcliffe
Design: Pedro Pina & Matthew Stuart

Editorial includes a short story by Ali Smith, Travis Jeppesen on Bela Tarr’s last film, The Turin Horse, Ajay Hothi, Tom Harrad, Chiara Siravo, Anna Bates, and Patrick Langley write on axes in backs, murdered elephants, 16th century visions of Hell, suicide roller coasters and the most deadly road in London. Stella Bottai presents an artist project that takes the form of a séance, Holly Antrum and Colin Henderson, respectively explore the life of Paris graveyards and the rebirth of the RCA Printmaking department on the other side of the Thames river. Jeremy Millar reflects on the untimely passing of writer Robert Walser and Pil & Galia Kollectiv on that of Steve Jobs. Clive Stafford Smith of human rights charity Reprieve shows us how the state turns away at the very moment of death, and forces us all to take another look.