Image of ARC: Proxyerotics (subscription)
  • Image of ARC: Proxyerotics (subscription)

ARC: Proxyerotics (subscription)


Where do our fingertips end and the cursor on our screens begin? In a world where we try to bridge the gaping void between the physical and digital, how do we define our individual identities, how do they differ from the varied avatars we present to the world? From social media filters and profile pictures to imposter syndrome, what makes a modern-day avatar, and how do we present them in the ‘everyday’, having traversed and inhabited the void?

ARC: Proxyerotics was born from a need to acknowledge the fragmented. A desire to destabilise the ‘norm’ and conventional practices, such as what a publication must look like and how we define identity through the multi-platform to question linear ways of thinking. Proxyerotics is ever-shifting- a force of division and unification, a primordial desire to verbalise the unpronounceable -the space between- in a sense. It is open to interpretation, as ‘ProxyErotrotics’ is newly coined, and what we sought from our contributors reflected that. We started with asking them to rethink the proverb ‘I think, therefore I am’, for them to envelop us in their pixelated lives and to meet us at the digital-physical intersection that is Proxyerotics, to tell us about the many ways their bodies are fusing with, or perhaps rejecting technology. Boy, did they deliver. From interrogating lawmakers looking like cats on video calls to space probes drenched in viscous fluids, from sculptures that consider bodily dispersal to the mundane every-day, the works in this year’s issue of ARC spread to every corner of the void and pack it with content that challenges your
e v e r y t h o u g h t.

(Are you ready, yet?)

4x large format fold out prints with a protective sleeve.
Unfolded size 670x870mm, folded down to 167.5x435mm.
Monotone lithograph with metallic ink accents
Designed by William Jacobson and Costas Kalogeropoulos

ISSN: 1749-8376

A note on subscriptions: this subscription comprises four supplements, each containing around 1-3 contributions, plus UK postage. Supplements will be posted out once a week throughout July 2021. First supplement to be mailed out approx 9th July 2021.

Subscriptions will be open from 11th June and close 2nd July 2021.

Available for a discounted price of £6. This is a saving of £4 on the price of the full bundle (to be available from August to destinations worldwide).